We at Business Insights Consulting combine international awareness and perception with down to earth practical ideas.  We have continuously striven to arm our clients with the best possible solutions to their business concerns in a way that is realistic and meets their needs.

Our partners have had more than twenty years of business experience and have seen more than 500 projects to their successful completion.Our success is based on our understanding of the MENA region, its unique culture, its sense of history and tradition combined with its need to propel itself into international cultures and traditions in the new global business dynamics. » Read More

BI shows its commitment by continuously seeking new knowledge, expertise, and innovations in business and delivering them to our clients. Building on a wealth of expertise and specialized experience crossing several sectors, we offer our services within four fields; Strategy, Organization, Human Capital and Transformation.

Our capabilities cover several industries, and have empowered us to customize solutions that placed us in a distinctive position to help regional organizations realize their ambitions. » Read More